Our mission :-
" We deliver the most trusted & value added services across the globe by providing Business, Safety & Environmental Excellence to our customer community & earth"

- Ashok Ramasamy  / CEO

About Us

Over the last 12 years Saral has been a leader in deploying and implementing process and product improvement methodologies. Since training some of the first Black Belts at the Six Sigma Research Institute, Saral has been a key player in the origin and evolution of the most successful improvement methodologies available today. We make it our goal to get the right knowledge to the right people at the right time. We do this by teaching our clients how to transform data into information and, as a result of critical thinking, how to transform information into knowledg..

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Our clientS

Saral Safety Solution

SARAL,a leader in professional services in Business,Safety Excellence & Reliability Excellence helps companies gain a competitive advantage in international markets by providing specialized services such as Six Sigma & Lean Manufacturing Implementation, Operations Excellence, New product/process developments, Supply Chain Management, Safety Excellence, Process Reliability Solutions and Business process re-engineering.

Saral provides consulting services to help companies reduce the likelihood and consequences of such releases. Measures taken to prevent releases also help improve productivity and quality and help meet regulatory compliance...

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