Our policies

Our policy


SARAL will be recognized as providing superior value to customers through Quality Leadership and Continual Improvement in all our Services and Products, Focusing on Consistency, Reliability and Cost Effectiveness. It is the responsibility of the SARAL Leadership to ensure that this policy is understood, implemented and maintained throughout the organization.


SARAL's vision is to create a company culture where Environmental, Safety & Quality excellence is second nature. Our mission is to fully integrate environmental & Safety stewardship into the business of providing quality service, best-in-class services, and the best customer experience at the best value. Our policy is to provide a work environment that promotes the health and safety of our employees, contractors, visitors and the local community The following Safety Health & Environmental (SHE) policy objectives have been established to achieve SHE vision:

Design Service with the Safety, Occupational Health & Environment in Mind

Design service with a focus on: safe operation, reducing energy consumption, avoiding environmentally sensitive materials, promoting dematerialization, and using parts that are capable of being recycled at the highest level.

Prevent Waste Pollution & Injuries and any Occupational Health Hazards

Use SARAL's services to prevent Pollution, Injuries, and any Occupational Health Hazards at its Site and at Client’s Facilities to which we are committed.Place a high priority on waste minimization, recycling and reuse programs, and pollution prevention.

Continually Improve Our Performance

Establish goals, implement programs, monitor technology and environmental management practices, evaluate progress, and continually improve performances w. r. t. Quality, Safety, Occupational Health and Environmental goals.

Comply With the Law

SARAL's commits to Comply with all laws and regulations governing SHE & other requirements related to SHE .

Conduct business with integrity and dedicated observance of all Safety, Occupational Health & Environmental laws and regulations.

Demonstrate Responsibility to Stakeholders

Requiring all employees to follow SARAL Occupational Health, Safety & Environmental procedures and regulatory requirements, and require that Contractors and visitors on site adhere to the applicable procedures and Requirements.

Act in a responsible manner through sustainable practices designed to ensure the betterment of Occupational Health, Safety & Environment periodically communicating company progress to stakeholders.


SARAL will be recognized as providing superior value to customers and its employees by ensuring that the information of its customer and the assets of the organization are adequately protected as per the legal regulatory requirements and be available to those who need.

It is the responsibility of all the SARAL employees to ensure that this Policy is Understood, Implemented and Maintained throughout the Organization.