Advanced Process Management

In the Saral's Advanced Process Management training you will learn how to build up a general framework that helps you put the process management system for your company in place. This allows you to maximize the overall benefits under the Six Sigma initiative. Using the critical connection to process improvement and process design, you will learn how and when to use each of them as a tandem to bring the best for your company, customers and employees.


Some key learnings experienced by customers:

* Understand how to interpret the Voice of the Customer and link their wants and desires to the process goals and measures
* How to map, analyze and streamline processes
* How to determine, collect and chart data on the overall business goals (Big Y's), on key process (x) and results (y) measures. How to display results on
* dashboards and scorecards
* How to use process management, standardization, improvement and design methodology in conjunction with the roles of project team, process owners, champions, sponsors, Master Black Belts, Black Belts and Green Belts
* How to drive the process
* How to link the above activities to the strategic direction and goals of the business, as well as to align the organizational environment (e.g. recognition and rewards) with key desired results.