Design for Six Sigma (DFSS)

Design for Six Sigma Excellence uses the DMADV methodology for new services, processes, or products so they meet customer needs and high performance levels from initial implementation or launch.

The methodology can also be used when incremental improvement cannot close the gap between a current process capability or product functionality and the customer requirements.

The method trained by Saral enables to design a new product/service/process to meet customer requirements from the beginning. This contrasts with the common practice of "getting something out there" and then investing lots of resources after the product or service is offered to make it work for customers. Create your new services, processes and products to be successful from scratch - use Design for Six Sigma Excellence today.


Some key leanings mentioned by customers include the ability to:

* Define the three methodologies included in process excellence (process management, process improvement and process design) and how they relate to each other
* Define when to use each of the three methodologies
* To identify the steps and their sequence in DMADV along with the goals, outputs of and tools in each step
* DEFINE a clear definition for the project
* MEASURE, translate customer needs into design requirements
* ANALYZE, evaluate and select the concept that best meets the CTQs
* Evaluate concepts and select a concept for further design
* DESIGN, generate a high level and detailed design including testing design components and preparing for pilot and full scale deployment
* VERIFY the design and close out the team