Saral consultants bring significant experience, depth, and breadth to the classroom training environment as well as to the following areas:

 - Lean Six Sigma leadership and deployment mentoring 
 - Lean Six Sigma project mentoring 
 - Pre-acquisition business assessments
 - Curriculum/materials development 
 - Survey construction, administration and analysis support 
 - Experimental design analysis and Customized problem solving  
 - Action workouts/Kaizen events

Our consultants have on average more than saral academy, materials development, and coaching/mentoring. All of our consultants are Six Sigma Master Black Belts certified from recognized Six Sigma leaders such as Texas Instruments, General Electric, Dupont, Allied Signal, Raytheon, GlaxoSmithKline, Corning, Delphi, and Lockheed Martin in addition to having met Saral's stringent consultant requirements.