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Maintenance Excellence & Reliability

Saral can help bring about improved operational effectiveness of process plants for the oil & gas and related industries. Helping clients achieve higher levels of maintenance excellence in their refineries and other process plants is an important part of our practice. Some of the benefits that typically result from our participation are:

Cost-Effective Maintenance

 * Demonstrated commitment to core values of SHE

 * People Empowerment

Longer Runtimes

In a matter of weeks, our programs will develop client-specific plans that can achieve:

 * One quartile improvement in mechanical availability.

 * Savings of 25-30% of maintenance costs.

 * Increase of up to two years between turnarounds.

 * Increase of 1-2% in plant availability.

On this page we outline:

 * The steps that can lead to a more effective maintenance program for a process plant.

 * The way in which we can assist in accomplishing those steps.

Basic Steps to Excellence:

 * Assess current maintenanceeffectiveness in the plant

 *Define parameters for measurement of effectiveness

 *Identify organizational barriers to heightened effectiveness

 * Pinpoint the procedures that need to be upgraded

 * Establish incentives for change

 * Benchmark the competition Cost indices

 * Reliability parameters

 * Turnaround performance

 * Routine maintenance prioritization

 * Overtime performance

 * Establish improvement objectives

 * Select long-term and annual improvement targets and simple measures of success

 *Define the organizational and procedural improvements required to achieve those targets

 * Develop a plan to achieve maintenance excellence

 * Implement the actions and follow-up

The Role of Saral Six Sigma & Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

 * Conduct an initial assessment of the client's current maintenance effectiveness

 * Estimate the competitive position

 * Define preliminary opportunities for improvement

 * Identify highest pay-out organizational and procedural changes

 * Work with the client's personnel to develop alignment for action plans to implement improvement

 * Establish priority action plans

 * Define resource requirements

 * Develop timelines and milestones

 * Assist with training/implementation of the selected improvements

 *Communication and team-building

 * Redefining roles/responsibilities

 * Developing improved procedures

 * Budgeting

 * Daily work prioritization

 * Turnaround planning