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Gain the reassuring, personal assistance of a SARAL's Safety Consultant ...Bring an SARAL Safety Consultant to your facility!

The method trained by Saral enables to design a new product/service/process to meet customer requirements from the beginning. This contrasts with the common practice of 'getting something out' and then investing lots of resources after the product or service is offered to make it work for customers. Create your new services, processes and products to be successful from scratch use Design for Six Sigma Excellence today.

SARAL Safety Consulting Services seasoned team of consultants can help you tackle your most daunting safety and compliance challenges. They take time to get to know your operation ... inside and out. Then, they offer specific, practical solutions that suit your needs.

Industry experience: Real-life safety management experience in areas of service sector, manufacturing or other industries.In-depth knowledge: Constant awareness of the latest rule changes, interpretations, Best Practices and current client experiences.

Outstanding communication and analytical abilities: Regulations and safety practices aren't always the most exciting subject matter, yet SARAL's consultants are regularly complimented by their clients and seminar participants on their ability to bring complex information down to earth.

SARAL Safety Consulting has a reputation for offering results-oriented training services which can assist the staff of your company make their safety programs successful. We have built this reputation by providing experienced trainers and cost-effective technical training resources that help our clients address the challenging issues facing their facilities.

The idea behind our training courses is simple -- provide practical training courses that will help our clients develop the skills they need to effectively manage their health, safety programs. The participants in our courses receive personalized attention and leave our courses with confidence in their abilities to apply their new skills at their facilities. Compare what we have to offer against the competition. We don't think anyone offers the depth of workplace safety topics as we do. All of our consulting and training services are designed to be flexible enough to meet our clients' needs. It is accomplished with the use of our qualified staff, rapid response time, and consistent quality.

SARAL Safety Consultants have the experience, know-how and resources to assist clients with employee safety and compliance concerns and management goals. They help implement or improve existing occupational safety programs. They become partners in increasing employee awareness of safety, reducing workplace injuries, decreasing accident and injury rates, increasing productivity.

They can be a fresh and objective "set of eyes" to evaluate existing programs, to recognize safety and environmental issues that can cost time and money, to recommend corrections and assist in carrying them out. They help clients establish links between identification and control of risk, the general health of their employees, and business successes.

They know how dramatically safety can effect loss prevention for better or worse. They recognize the value and benefits of an integrated approach to health, safety management programs that such programs need to embrace all areas of business operations.

They assist our clients in achieving this goal. They help SARAL Safety clients create safe, healthy, efficient and productive working environments.

They promote the concepts that good safety policies and practices, combined with good worker training, contribute to better product and service quality, worker satisfaction, and directly improve bottom lines of clients.