Saral's Oil & Gas,Petrochemical Expertise

SARAl's Expertise

Saral executes Offshore/Onshore ,Oil & Gas,chemicals and petrochemicals projects around the world, providing project management and process-technology solutions spanning the life cycle of a facility.

Wellhead Platforms-Offshore

We have the capability to complete the offshore projects within time bound schedules and ensuring the highest international quality standards, with an even higher safety record. SARAL can design multi discipline scope of 3-legged tripod and 4-legged wellhead platforms with skirt or main piles. The associated structures like bridges and flares are also can be designed by the engineering team.

Process Platforms-Offshore

SARAL offers our clients, a complete list of engineering services for offshore oil and gas process platform projects. When you partner with us, you are aligned with engineers who see themselves as members of your team. We are dedicated to undertaking your project using the latest tools and innovative solutions in the industry. SARAL can design multi discipline scope of process platform or production cum drilling platforms with skirt and main piles. The team can handle 4-legged or 6 legged or 8 legged jackets with skirt or main piles for the process platforms.

Onshore Receiving and Processing Plants

SARAL provide innovative solutions to Greenfield and revamp projects together with associated enhanced oil recovery projects. The team can handle oil and gas receiving terminals. As your project progresses, we will continually document each step of the process, communicate status to you in the manner and frequency of your choosing, and monitor all aspects of quality assurance. We have the experience, the skills, and the methods to bring your project to completion on time and on budget.

FPSO's Modules and Facilities

A Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) unit is a facility for developing petroleum resources found under the ocean. FPSO has crude oil production facilities on the deck (frequently called as “Topsides”) and crude oil tanks in the hull, and can move to the any offshore field requiring it to engage in operations. SARAL provide complete engineering solutions to FPSO topsides module design, pipe racks and flare system.


SARAL provides customer with complete engineering studies to build jetties. The jetties we design serve commercial shipping as well as loading and unloading of chemical, petroleum, and mining products. We devise our work methods and schedule according to our clients' operational need. We provide engineering solution for various capacities of tankers for the export/import of various products.


SARAL is in perfect position to provide engineering services for the field of various Refineries of grass root, Brown Field and Revamp. We provide complete engineering solutions for various below systems in refineries and flare gas recovery facilities to provide zero flare gas concepts.

*   Crude Distillation Unit,
*   Atmospheric/Vacuum Distillation,
*   Distillate FCC/Resid FCC,
*   Hydro cracking,
*   Catalytic Reforming,
*   Hydrogen Generation,
*   Delayed Coking,
*   Lube Processing Units,
*   Merox Treatment,
*   Hydro- Desulpurisation of Kerosene & Gas oil streams,
*   Sulphur recovery, etc.

Chemical & Petrochemicals

Fine Chemicals, Specialty Chemicals and Complex Organic Intermediates:

SARAL performs conceptual design, engineering, procurement and construction services on fine, specialty chemicals and intermediates projects for Clients in a variety of industries.

Ethylene and Derivatives:

SARAL provides a full range of integrated Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication, Construction (EPFC) and maintenance services to Clients.

Pharmacheutical, Aromatics and Derivatives:

SARAL has EPC expertise as well as experience working with an extensive list of licensors and processes within the Pharma, aromatics and downstream-products fields.

Engineering Plastics and Polymers:

SARAL's design-build experience spans all production areas for nylons, polycarbonates and polyester.

Gas Processing Plants(GPP)

SARAL has been a leader in providing conceptal design,engineering and contruction services for gas industry.Bases on the latest technologies ,our process designs provide energy-efficient and cost-optomized solutions for any gas processing plants, like

LNG   : Pre-Treatment , Dehydration, Fractionation, Receiving Terminals and Offsites & Utilities

Gas-to-Liquids   : Conceptual Studies, Syngas, GTL Synthesis , Product Upgrading and Offsites & Utilities

Liquids Recovery   : Chilling/Refrigeration , Expander Cycles and Fractionation

Dew Point Control   : Membranes, Glycols and Molecular Sieves

Acid Gas Removal & Product Liquid Sweetening   : Generic Solvents /processes , Proprietary solvents/processes


Solar Power Generation   : SARAL have a team of highly skilled in engineering and technology, procurement and project management, construction and commissioning.Solar Power is widly accepted source of renewable energy,SARAL has expertise in the complete optimum ,efficient & effective implementation of SOLAR POWER EPCM services.

Biofuels   : Regardless of the technology route, our highly experienced, cross-industry technical staff works with your team to address innovative solutions to process technology and scale-up challenges.

Conventional Power

Thermal   : SARAL has EPC expertise as well as experience in Turnkey Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) of Thermal/Gas based Power Plants.