Project Management Service

Project Management

With large-scale projects it is critical to have one person looking at the overall picture and directing resources and activities, especially if the project reaches a global scale. SARAL's Project Management Services provide management and coordination experts to fill this role.

Vendor/Resource Coordination

SARAL can help coordinate and manage all third-party interactive tasks involving your security management system that extends regionally or globally. The SARAL project manager can coordinate all efforts of third-party vendors to ensure a timely and accurate delivery of product that integrates with current systems.

Equipment Allocation and Supply Chain Management

With any large-scale project, the equipment supply chain is critical. The right parts need to be delivered on time in order to ensure successful and timely completion. The SARAL's project manager plays a vital role in making certain that the equipment supply chain functions properly. Coordination must take place between suppliers,system integrators, SARAL's technicians, your facilities and local personnel. The project manager assumes a proactive role and works with all parties to forecast equipment needs and work with suppliers to ensure on-time delivery.

Project Kick-off

Because well-defined expectations are essential to a successful project, SARAL will conduct kick-off meetings with you and your system integrators to ensure clear communication and define expectations for all involved parties. A detailed project schedule will be reviewed, revised where necessary, and agreed upon. Specific roles of each individual will be defined.

Project meetings

Project meetings will be scheduled and moderated by SARAL with you and your system integrator. The frequency of the meetings will be dependent upon the size and scope of each project. Project meetings will address the following areas: *   Review project schedule
*   Review and updates of open action items
*   Inclusion of new action items
*   Status updates from all parties
*   New issues and concerns

Project Scheduling/Tracking

SARAL will provide and maintain a detailed project schedule to assist you and your system integrator in keeping the project on track. Project scheduling will ensure critical tasks are coordinated between all parties and tracked.