SARAl's Competency

SARAl's Competency

We believe Engineering, be it Basic or Detailed, cannot be a mere bunch of technical papers. We deploy our experience, we add our passion. The result is engineering with common sense built in: an innovative proposition in this fast paced world.

Feasibility Study

Project Proposals for Maximal Return on Minimal Investment ,Feasibility studies (FS) are a vital part of the initial stages of a project, to confirm profitability of a client's investment. feasibility studies include conducting surveys, gathering data, and analyses of the whole environment surrounding a project, in accordance with the purpose of the client's investment.

Conceptual Engineering

We offer cost effective and affordable conceptual engineering services dedicated to quality, accuracy and dependability. Our highly qualified technical team provides wide range of engineering solutions to meet the customer's needs in offshore and onshore oil and Gas facilities, FPSO topsides and jetties projects. We focus on project viability and concept selection in this phase.

Front End Engineering Design

The FEED group develops innovative solutions and has proven capabilities in process simulation,process design,design optimisation and performance guarantees.Our extensive experience in process design coupled with advanced simulation capabilities has enabled us to develop comprehensive FEED packages based on Basic Engineering data.

FEED Services includes

*   Conceptual Design & Evaluation
*   Project design Basis
*   Process Design
*   Technology Licensor Liaison
*   Process & Utility Evaluation & Selection
*   Job Cost Estimating
*   HAZOP reviews
*   Troubleshooting/ Optimization

Detailed Engineering Design

Saral Offer end-to-end engineering solutions and project management services for Oil and Gas industry,Refineries,Petrochemicals,Fertilizers,Gas Processing and Cross-country Piplines from Concept to Commissioning phase of Projects, as well as Project Management Services.

DETAIL ENGINEERING Services includes

*   Project Design data
*   Project layout & Battery Limit Schedule
*   Facility Integration
*   Process & Instrumentation Philosophy & Logic Diagram
*   Equipment technical datasheets
*   Energy & Mass Balance
*   Specification Documentation
*   Architectural, Civil & Structural Design
*   Piping Design with Stress Analysis
*   Mechanical Design
*   Electrical & Instrumentation Design
*   Equipment Selection & Detail Specification
*   Field Planning & Documentation
*   Hookups & Loops
*   Risk Assessment & Safety Concepts
*   Detailed Risk Analysis

Fabrication, Inspection and Construction Assistance

The engineering team participates in constructability meetings, attend queries from fabrication yard, and visit the yard to resolve the issues. Our team also visits yard on behalf of client for inspection, FAT assistance and supervision.

Installation and Commissioning Assistance

We focus on detailed planning of pre-commissioning and commissioning activities during the engineering phase of a project to ensure successful, trouble-free process plant start-up. Our range of services typically includes

*   Developing pre-commissioning and commissioning sequence and integrated planning schedule
*   Preparing pre-commissioning organisation chart, mobilisation plan, manpower histogram
*   Reviewing process documentation from start-up point of view and participating in critical safety system reviews such as HAZOP, HAZID
*   Vendor selection and management for activities such as chemical cleaning, catalyst/adsorbent loading, sensitive leak test and flange management
*   Reviewing pre-commissioning and commissioning material take-off, consumables, personal protection equipment, vendor and general pre-commissioning spares
*   Conducting training program for Client's operators
*   Preparing pre-commissioning system dossiers
*   Piping system cleaning/flushing/steam blowing along with column and vessel internal inspection
*   Conducting no-load test for motors
*   Vibration and Noise Mapping for baseline data
*   Conducting functional test for rotary equipment
*   Supervising hydro-test, chemical cleaning, catalyst/adsorbent loading, flange management and leak test for all systems
*   Supervising box-up activity and conducting system conformity checks
*   Carrying out gross air leak test, high-pressure leak test using nitrogen, sensitive leak test using N2/He
*   Drying and inertization of piping system and equipment including preservation
*   Lube oil flushing for compressors and pumps
*   Supervising refractory dry-out and alkali boil-out, post dry-out inspection and certification of refractory lining
*   Supervising special activities such as string tests for process gas compressors, catalyst activation for ammonia synthesis loop and hot potash/amine passivation for acid gas removal systems
*   Carrying out molecular sieve drying before intake of hydrocarbon
*   Providing plant ramp-up and optimization services with measurement and logging of key process parameters
*   Preparing PG Test procedure, conducting PG Tests and preparing test reports .

Project Management Consultancy

The use of project management support techniques gives better initial planning and assessment of risks. It provides a greater chance of forecasting problem areas while there is still time to take corrective action and it allows flexibility for alternative modes of operation the project professionals at Saral are committed to providing the highest level of organizational support to your key Strategic and Tactical Projects. We have a thorough understanding of the difficulties faced at the inception stage of any project and are well versed in the tools, techniques and templates required to progress individual projects and complicated programs of work.

PMC Services includes

*   Project Planning, Scheduling, Monitoring
*   Project Feasibility Study Report Preparation
*   Sub-contractor management and Progress Reporting
*   Design and Drawing Approvals
*   Vendor Drawing and Document Approvals
*   Inspection assistance and FAT Support
*   Resolve Site Queries
*   Site Verification and Audits to confirm the compliance to Drawings

CAD Services

*   2D to 3D Modeling
*   3D Model Generation
*   Plot Plan & Layout
*   P&ID & PFD Generation
*   3D Model Generation
*   Engineering details / Drafting
*   As built Model Documentation
    - 3D Models Creation through Laser Scanning.
    - 3D Models Generated by available 3D viewing software.
    - 3D Models development by existing project documents