Training Programs

Emergency Response and Crisis Management


The program is designed to help managers in responding to an emergency in a manner so as to contain the incident and ensure that human health, safety and environmental needs are met.


The initial response to an emergency is critical; i.e., the first hours. It is during this period that there is the best chance of gaining control of internal and external reactions. The success of handling an emergency is very dependent on the actions taken immediately after the incident occurs. This program will focus on:

1.Understanding crisis, emergency and incident management
2.Preventing, responding and mitigating emergency situations
3.Defining role, responsibility and authority in emergency and crisis
4.Training and skill development for emergency and crisis
5.Conducting drills and evaluation for continual improvement
6.Crisis and business continuity planning
7.Mock emergency cases from chemical, manufacturing, construction and office sectors – role play


Trained personnel in emergency response and crisis management.